Get reimbursed without the hassle.

FSA and HRA accounts can save you a lot of money, but are traditionally a pain to deal with. This simple service makes tedious, time-consuming forms a thing of the past, so you can get on with your life.

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How It Works

We make your health insurance accounts talk to your FSA or HRA accounts, eliminating the need to fill out forms. This means not only is getting reimbursed a lot easier, but you also get challenged less often because the proof is already available.

  • One Click to Submit for Reimbursement
  • Fewer Challenges on Debit Card Transactions
  • One Time Setup

Secure & Confidential

Your data is retrieved using bank-level security. Your information is safe and it cannot be altered. We are also HIPAA compliant, which means your information is completely confidential. Even our employees can’t see it (unless we're helping you with a support request in which case we will ask your permission).